What's the difference between Vape Mods and Pod Vape?

The vaping market has narrowed a bit over the past couple of years. On one side, you have the experienced vapers who are still using the same box mods and refillable tanks that they’ve used for years. On the other side, you have the newer generation of vapers who are primarily using pod vapes with pre-filled or refillable pods.

Other types of vaping devices – such as vape pens, mechanical mods, and cigalikes – simply aren’t as popular as they used to be. What should you do, then, if you’re new to vaping? Should you just follow the crowd and buy a JUUL? Not necessarily. Not only are there many, many pod systems out there, but the fact is that a pod device may not even be the right fit for you in the first place. Don’t buy your first vaping device without reading this simple guide to pod vapes vs. mods.

What are Mods?

Mod or Mod Boxes are, as the name suggests, the modifiable (mod), box-like devices, which use sub-ohm technology to give vapers more power and subsequently more vapour. These advanced devices allow vapers to modify the moveable parts of the vaporizer such as coils and wicks, which alter the mechanics and resistance of power. By doing this, you can play with the power and temperature of your vaporizer, which in turn can help improve flavour and vapour cloud size.

Mods will use a tank to store e-liquid, with many vapers choosing to mix their own blends of e-liquid to suit their tastes. As you may know, e-liquid is typically made from pharmaceutical grade freebase nicotine, flavourings, as well as PG and/or VG liquid. PG is known for enhancing flavour and the thicker consistency of VG will increase the density of vapour produced, therefore, you'll be able to play with ratios of PG and VG to find your perfect vape, unique to you. Being able to adjust and tailor the settings of box mods to enhance flavour and cloud production makes this the ideal device for those keen on playing with their vaping experience.

The downside to mods is size and affordability. Due to the variety of moveable parts and choice of e-liquids, carrying around a box mod isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do. You'll ideally need a carry case for your equipment and space to set up your device as and when you're keen on a vape.

What is a Vape Pod?

Perhaps considered, the mods long lost and some might say, better-looking brother, over the past year, or so, pods have come to the fore as one of the major players in vaping devices. Sleek, stylish, slender and compact, pods are ideal for those looking for a quality, fuss-free and convenient vape for those with an on-the-go lifestyle. More powerful than a conventional e-cig or vape pen and less hassle than a mod, pods use the same kind of sub-ohm technology as a mod to create vapour, though with lesser power and temperature.

When compared to an e-cig, the combination of relatively high power together with low temperature, mean that pods are the perfect vaporizer to use with nic salts. This alternative to conventional e-juice uses the naturally occurring nicotine salts found in and on tobacco leaves as opposed to the pharmaceutical grade or freebase nicotine commonly found in e-liquid, cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy products.

Nic salts have higher nicotine content than regular e-liquid and are becoming known for their similarities to smoking cigarettes due to the throat and nicotine hit they provide vapers. Due to the nicotine content, it's thought that nic salts may give vapers the nicotine dose they need faster than standard e liquids, which may, in turn, lead to vaping less frequently.

With a cost comparison closer to e-cigs than Mod boxes, pods could soon become the go-to vaporizer for the masses.