Which pod vape should i buy

Pod kits, a bit like people, come in all shapes and sizes. They’re a great option if you’re a new vaper, particularly when you’re a transitioning smoker and want something simple to use. With so many options it can be hard to pick which one is going to be best for you. There are open and closed pod kits and both have their own unique benefits. So, we’re here to sort through a few things to help you choose.


The difference between open and closed pod kits is kind of in the name. A closed pod kit is one that comes with pre-filled pods you just click into place. They’re the most simple setup you can get. Open pods still have the same design where you click the pod into place, however with these you can refill them with your liquid of choice.


The answer to this one is fairly simple - you answer it by looking at your smoking habits.

Closed pod systems come pre-filled, typically with a high dose nicotine salt e-liquid. If you were a heavier smoker (around the pack a day or more mark) these ones will be great for you. Nic salt pods give a quick (near instant) nicotine hit with great flavour and a fairly mild throat hit. When you’re done with a pod, just take the empty one out, pop a fresh one in and vape away.

Open pod kits by their nature mean you can put just about whatever liquid you like in them. They’re suited to higher PG liquids (50:50 e-liquids are generally best) which gives you a stronger throat hit and more flavour. When it comes to nicotine strength you can vary this more too. Closed pods are more limited in the strengths they have available but with an open system you can gradually reduce your nicotine over time. Start as high as you want, whether that’s at an 18mg or 12mg and work your way down. This means if you smoked a bit less (the 10-15 mark) a day, an open pod kit will allow you to play around more. If you like the idea of an open pod kit but smoked a lot, they’re still an option for you - just fill them up with a nic salt e-liquid instead.

As mentioned, they’re great for transitioning smokers. There are a few reason for this. When you use a pod kit, typically you’ll inhale with a mouth to lung draw. What this means is you draw some vapour into your mouth then down into your lungs, the same way you would with a conventional cigarette.

Easy to use and discreet. Due to having a higher PG level (which creates less vapour) and a higher Ohm coil, they’re very subtle to use. They aren’t massive cloud producing devices so can be used for stealth vaping when you’re out and for this reason are also popular even with vapers who aren’t recent quitters.
Long lasting. In the last few years, vaping technology has improved a lot and pod mods are no exception. Even the super tiny ones often feature larger batteries which will keep you vaping all day with no need for a recharge. As far as e-liquid use goes, open pod systems are pretty impressive here too as you’ll get multiple refills out of a single pod before you need to put in a new one.
Mess free. With no tank to speak of, refilling is simpler and they’re more leak resistant than pen vapes or mods. If you have a closed pod kit it’s as simple as removing your empty pod and popping in a new one. If you have an open kit, just pop the bung out of the pod and top it up. Unlike a lot of tanks, this design is very leak resistant meaning you can safely store your pod mod in your pocket without worrying about any spills.
No need to replace coils. There’s less fiddling involved with pod kits as the coil that heats your e-liquid is built into the pod itself. When the coil stops producing vapour, it’s time to change to a new pod. No sticky fingers in sight. Pods also mean that if you get bored of one flavour you can just switch one pod out for a different one containing another flavour.

Intuitive to use. Pod kits are completely foolproof. They’ll either have a single button which you click a few times to switch on/off and to vape. Some are even simpler than that, rather they’ll feature a “manual draw” design. What this means is the vape can sense airflow and will only fire when you inhale from the mouthpiece.

Affordable. After the initial cost of buying a vape, which in itself is still very low, they don’t cost a lot to maintain after that. Purchasing e-liquid and new pods now and again are the only ongoing costs you’ll have.

Consistent. Pods are optimised for a certain type of e-liquid and the battery they’re powered by will give you a steady wattage output, giving you a consistent vaping experience with every puff. Even with an open pod system, as long as you’re using the right PG level liquid (50:50 is the safest bet for any pod kit you’ll find at Vape Superstore) they’re super reliable.

Great for recent smokers. Particularly compatible with nic salts and high PG liquids, they’re an ideal option for vapers who need a high nicotine level or a stronger throat hit (or both!). They’re highly satisfying meaning you can get a quick nicotine fix and carry on with your day.

Pocket friendly. Easily portable so take up no more space than your wallet (or a packet of cigarettes). Some are small enough to fit into your wallet itself like the Suorin Air, others are the size of a matchbox but still have a 2ml capacity like the Smoking Vapor Mi Pod.
If (having read all of that) you’re still not sure, of course you can get in touch with us too or pop into one of our stores and we’ll be able to make you a recommendation.