Why do so many girls vape

Why do so many girls vape? Now it is found that more and more women also begin to hold vape in their hands. They are also attracted by new things, but they are only attracted? In fact, vape are better for women than cigarettes.

Why do so many girls vape

Because vape are more friendly to women, they will not cause cigarette stains to adhere to the surface of teeth, which will affect the overall visual beauty.

Then there will be no smoke smell. If you smoke for a long time, some people don't feel their own smoke smell, but others can smell it. The smell of smoke will stick to hair, clothes and skin, which can't be covered up.

Think of a good girl. When she is full of yellow teeth, her body is covered with tobacco smoke, and how much perfume she can not cover up, then so many harmful substances are absorbed into her body, does it sound very delicate? Girls want to be exquisite pig girls! vape will be much better, and some of them look better. I think they are suitable for girls. For example, my friend's friends have hot foam surfboards and Romio.


Women vaping

Women vaping is certainly more beneficial than burning cigarettes. First of all, vape don't taste so heavy. They have a variety of tastes. Most of them have fruit tastes. They have passed the addiction without affecting others and are friendly to their friends. In addition, burning smoke will produce a large number of harmful chemicals other than nicotine, which will cause greater damage to the lungs, while electronic smoke is relatively clean and less harmful to their own health. There are also electronic cigarettes, which are easy to use and carry. Generally speaking, it is suitable for girls to use vape.

Why do so many girls vape? To sum up, compared with cigarettes, vape are more friendly to women. Girls had better not smoke, because no man really likes his women to smoke. If you can't quit smoking, you can try to use electronic cigarettes instead. You don't have a big smoking addiction. You can basically have good feedback within one day.