Why I choose 0 nicotine vapes?


I'm a college student, of course, at an obscure community college, working part-time in bars, restaurants, etc. I don't smoke, and I used to be an anti-tobacco person, but I have a lot of friends who are tobacco lovers, so, you know, sometimes I'm a real loner.

Hard choice

Every time I have a party with my friends, they hold their beloved vape pod and fill the room with so much fruit-flavored smoke that they often ask me to give it a try and even ask me to be a judge to choose the best one. Despite my many attempts, I still can't get over the thrill and potential addiction of nicotine, but the good news is that COMPARED to traditional tobacco, I can get used to the colorful flavor of vape pods, and they don't have the choking, pungent smoke. All in all, the fear and boredom of nicotine kept me from fully accepting vape pods.


At a normal weekend party, the table is littered with drinks and snacks, and the smoke of tobacco burning fills the background with flashing lights and loud music. I sat in the corner of the sofa and chatting with friends, suddenly, he took out his vape pod, put on a new pod to me, I was surprised and said: Man, you know I can't. He smiled mysteriously and said: Try, then you know. I tried it carefully and found that the usual thrill was gone, like when I took a breath of apple-flavored air and it entered my mouth without obstruction. I stared at my friend in surprise and he said: Here you are. Join us. The party ended in laughter. Later, I asked my friend what it was and he told me it was a vape pod with 0 nicotine.

0 nicotine vapes

The 0 nicotine vape is of great significance to me. I read a lot of articles and reports about it. I'm going to share with you what I've learned.

Vapes were invented in 2004 by Chinese pharmacist Han Li as a way to help his father quit smoking, and he later created and patented his own brand of Vapes. After the introduction of vapes into the market, people continue to try this new way of smoking, which is also popular with young people today. The harm of tobacco mainly comes from the carcinogens produced when burned. Vapes avoid the risks of tar and carbon monoxide, the two most harmful substances from tobacco burning. Popular vapes are less than 10 percent as harmful as traditional tobacco, but nicotine is still an integral part of the product. Nicotine is the main cause of the tobacco epidemic. The addictive nature of nicotine makes it difficult for smokers to quit. The 0 nicotine vape essentially solves this problem. Using 0 nicotine vape is like eating air gum, just a smoke-making toy.

Compared to regular vapes, the 0 nicotine vapes are healthier. If you want to quit smoking, you can choose regular vapes or 0 nicotine vapes. If you want to try it safely, opt for 0 nicotine vapes.

Who can use 0 nicotine vapes?

Before discussing users of 0 nicotine vapes, let me emphasize the point that minors should not be exposed to tobacco in any form.

In my opinion, the people suitable for 0 nicotine vapes can be divided into two groups, one is the smoking cessation group, and the other is the social group with needs. The former is well understood. Traditional tobacco users are aware of the great harm caused by tobacco burning to their health, and want to seek alternative products for nicotine intake. On the basis of health, they still keep smoking, so as to give themselves some psychological comfort during the painful period of quitting smoking. As for the proportion of people who successfully quit smoking this way, no further comment can be made in the absence of accurate data. But there is some evidence that 0 nicotine vape pods can help smokers quit.

The latter group can be interpreted as using vapes for polite and social reasons. Because of the need to communicate with smokers in work and life, 0 nicotine vapes can shorten the distance between smokers and avoid embarrassment in communication. At the same time, 0 nicotine vapes can guarantee health, which meets the social needs of a large part of the population. Health is always the first in our life, even if you are the richest man in the world, but you do not have good health, and can’t enjoy the happiness brought by wealth. However, some people are concerned that they might become smokers by using zero-nicotine products. In my opinion, no product is completely harmless, just like the bread we eat at ordinary times, eating one or two is very healthy, eating ten breads may lead to health problems, so, the self-control of adults is the key, like a person who wants to lose weight you put food to his mouth he will not be tempted.

0 nicotine vape I use

The device I use is VEEX V1 recommended by my friend. VEEX V1 device is a more powerful device designed for a better and stronger taste of VEEX V1 Pods with more vapor. VEEX V1 device has 13 color schemes, and everyone can find their favorite. The color I chose is Winter Snow. What a beautiful name, like you can see snow falling through the air. The VEEX V1 device has 4 flavors without nicotine, which are Green Bomb, Fresh Dew, Osmanthus and Lily Vallay. Aha, Green Bomb has always been my favorite. Each breath is like biting into an apple. If you want to ask me why I did not use other brands of products? Of course, it's cheap and easy to use. So I wrote it down in my share, hopefully helpful to you as you read.

VEEX 0 nicotine pod

The last

There is no doubt that tobacco is harmful. If you cannot avoid the use of these products, please choose 0 nicotine vapes.