WUUZ S12 Review

The wuuz s12 is 16-18 watt starter kit powered by a 800 mah battery paired with a wuuz Pod Mod s12. It is regulated, making it highly responsive, and it has a durable build quality that prevents severe damage.

Its produced by TAKI company, which is a brand of vape. VEEX、WUUZ、XIYO and TAKI are from TAKI company.

This reliable and low-maintenance vape mod is perfect for beginner and advanced vapers who want something that delivers a satisfying vape experience without being overly complicated.

Internal Build Quality and Design

The WUUZ S12 is small, making it easy to handle and pocket. Also, its small size makes it more convenient for traveling.

While not dust, shock, and waterproof, it is still pretty durable and can survive a few accidental drops. A frame is built around the design, giving the guts some added protection against accidents. Still, users should be careful with it.


The vape is powered by an internal 800 mah battery that can last a day, more or less, if not pushed over the hedge. As for charging time, expect it to charge between an hour and an hour and a half, depending on the battery’s status.


The pod holds 3.7 ml of nicotine liquid, and it has an airflow control ring at the bottom. The best thing is the top filling system, which decreases the chances of leaking.

The drip tip and top cap are removable and reveal the filling ports, and they are large enough to accommodate juice bottles or syringes.

Compatible Juices

These coils work best with 70/30 vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol liquids for flavor, but the 80/20 liquids produce slightly higher vapor levels.

How about the WUUZ S12 vape pod

Different for relx、juul classic vape pod.WUUZ S12 pod is 3.7ml capacity.There are two specifications: opened-pod and closed pod. People can injecy the E-liquid by themselves. Or buy the closed-pod ,there are more than 7 flavors for the wuuz s12 pod. Choose according to personal preference.

How to buy the vape of WUUZ S12

You can buy the wuuz s12 in the vape pod online site: www.veexshop.com. Which is the official vape pod online shipping site of TAKI company. Also, you can buy other products in this site, such as VEEX、XIYO、TAKI. And you can get the vape pod price in the site. The site has the detailed vape pods delivery.

Follow Instagram of them, you can get the latest event news,and join the activity.
At the same time, you can buy in offline shops nearby yourself.But pay attention to check whether anti-counterfeiting products.

How to use the vape of WUUZ S12


1、The light flashes quickly when the battery is low

2、Low battery, light flashes quickly


1、The light be blue when the battery is full

2、Full battery, light be blue


1、The blue light flashes slowly when charging

2、Charging the vape, blue light flashes slowly.


Open the pod and open the rubber plug, if its opened-pod, you need to inject the E-liquid. And stand for 1 min to fully moisten the coil.


16w  Small smoke MTL mode(Standard mode 16W

18w  Big smoke MTL mode(Simulus mode) 18W


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