After-Sales Service

Consumers who have quality problems when purchasing genuine products from VEEX through any authorized channel can apply for the warranty through the official WeChat account, Weibo, and customer service via Among them, the VEEX pods that are not damaged by human being during the warranty period can enjoy the maintenance or replacement warranty service; however, purchasing happened 3 months later and the remaining capacity is not less than one-third, you can enjoy the replacement warranty service.

Q:Where can I check the authenticity of your new product?

A: You can find the QR Code outside of the VEEX pod package. Scan it and you can remove doubt about counterfeit. If you have this suspicion, please follow the steps via QR Code to verify the authenticity of your product. Once it shows UNAUTHORIZED and COUNTERFEIT devices, report it ASAP to official customer service via

Q:What should I do if my VEEX pod e-liquid begin to leak?

A:Please feel free to contact our customer service via email/SNS(Facebook/WeChat) when VEEX pod you got from authorized stores/channels. Meanwhile, please remain your product for further purpose.

Q:Why does the color of the bottom of VEEX pod become dark or black?

A:There are main reason below under this situation:

  1. Due to the oxidation of nicotine in contact with air, the vapor may become darker and attached to the bottom of pod;
  2. Some natural flavors contain iron elements. After air oxidation, the overall e-liquid will become darker in color, and the blackening phenomenon will be caused by the e-liquid being atomized and solidified and attached to the VEEX pod;
  3. All of the above are normal phenomenon.

Q:What if VEEX pod does not work?

A:Check another VEEX pod to exclude the reason of VEEX device. If the new pod still does not work, you can save the also directly contact our customer service to have a new one.

Q:The special instruction in winter

A:If the temperature is too low, the rate of condensate production will increase. We recommend to shake the VEEX pod head downwards before using it every day to prevent the accumulation of condensate and e-liquid, which will affect the taste. In addition, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, please keep the device dry (when not in use, please take apart of you VEEX device and VEEX pod).