Brand Introduction

WUUZ is an emerging series of e-cigarette from Taki .  

TAKI-WUUZ, focus on the research and development of the nice flavor of the e-cigarette brand, is committed to let consumers through the "WUUZ" taste the good taste of the world. WUUZ, pronounced: woo~. This is a kind of surprise to the taste of WUUZ.

"WUUZ" is to send a clear call to our consumers: "I shine", "no need to follow the trend, be true to yourself", self-judgment in everything Just be self-judged.

Brand concept

WUUZ in the beginning of the establishment of the university, China's famous suppliers to establish in-depth cooperation, the formation of a professional R & D team with 21 perfumers, the use of flavor data accumulated over the years, through flavor development, simulation, improvement, so that consumers can safely, enjoy the WUUZ.

Brand development

WUUZ (Shenzhen) technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016.

WUUZ has launched the WUUZ S1 series (luminous set, chinoiserie series, starfall kit), WUUZ S2 series, WUUZ S3 series, WUUZ S4 series and disposable vape pod "SHINE" and many other series of products.

The vape pods of WUUZ and VEEX are both made of transparent vape pods.

In September 2021, WUUZ launched the S12 pod mod p, with dual power + mouth-lung dual suction mode, to meet the user's pursuit of clouds vapor experience.

WUUZ strives to improve the experience and taste of the product, launched a classic product for the public, continue to focus on product development and iteration.