VEEX brief

VEEX(维刻) is a series from TAKI, born in 2019, with transparent vape pod (the benefits of transparent vape pod) as the main feature, its product line has VEEX V1 device and pod, VEEX V2 device and pod, VEEX V4 device and pod, VEEX V5 pod.

VEEX V1 is the first generation of VEEX products, but also the best-selling products of VEEX, Chinese tea is the v1 hot flavor of the smoke, but also the unique flavor of VEEX, loved by consumers. VEEX V1 vape device power of about 8.3W, higher than the same type of other brand’s devices, when vaping will be smoother than other brands at the same time the amount of e-liquid generated will be more than other brand more, VEEX V1 device can be applied to TAKI-WUUZ S1 pod, TAKI- VEEX V1 pod, TAKI-XIYO X1 pod and other brand’s pods, the same VEEX pod can be applied to the corresponding device, including other brand’s device, VEEX V1 star bomb Once popular in ins and other social platforms, with VEEX V1 gradient pole effect is particularly cool and good-looking, while VEEX V1 also has a diamond version of the pole, which captured a large number of female fans, if you are a love of nail art, like blingbling style, or nightclub culture trendsetters, VEEX V1 this part of the product is your best choice.

V4 is the fourth generation of VEEX products, his vape sticks battery using fast charging technology, can be completed within 20 minutes of charging, greatly reducing the charging time to make up for the short duration of the device battery of the pod. VEEX V4 pods use a pai-shaped design, increasing the smoothness of the smoke.

V1 and v4 pod taste differences


V1 and V4 belong to TAKI-VEEX's hot products, but V1's pod cannot be used on V4's device, and the appearance, design, feel, battery life, and charging time of the two devices are different, so the advantages and disadvantages are different. If you want to start TAKI-VEEX , you can choose according to your needs, of course, I have both products, because their taste and the color of the device is different, for the occasion is also different.

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