Are vape batteries safe?

With the advancement of vape technology, the battery capacity of vape devices is getting larger and larger, and the charging speed is getting faster and faster, which may cause the battery capacity to drop sharply or even explode if not properly maintained.


With the popularity of high-power Ya-Ohm e-cigarettes, it is becoming more and more important not only to know how to use your equipment safely but also to know how to care for and maintain your e-cigarette batteries.


No matter which type of e-cigarette you use, they all contain potentially dangerous batteries. However, although there are a large number of people around the world smoking e-cigarettes, the accident rate is exceptionally low, but there are still many accidents caused by the abuse of modules and inferior goods

At VEEXSHOP, we are committed to helping vapers enjoy a safer e-cigarette experience, so we are here to give you information about battery safety to help you minimize the risk when using a vape.

Today we will focus on two batteries commonly used to power evaporators, one is a built-in lithium-ion or disposable battery, and the other is an 18650 rechargeable battery.


Many regulated Mods are equipped with fixed lithium-polymer batteries that are called "disposable" because they are irreplaceable at the end of their useful life (an average of 2-3 years).


You may have seen 18650: It is the most used battery in vaporizers and can be purchased from any e-cigarette store around the world. The 18650s are a popular choice for evaporators. They produce the right amount of voltage, many of which can manage the high-current discharge required for e-cigarettes.


Carefully manage your vape device:

The protective housing of these batteries is weak, and it is nothing more than an aluminum plate between you and the potential explosion. If you drop the module heavily on the ground, seal it immediately in a thick container, the battery may be vented, and then put it in the dumpster dedicated to the battery.


Do not be frugal:

Make sure to buy only genuine products. They are of high quality and have reliable onboard safety measures; therefore, they are less susceptible to explosions or leaks. It is better to be safe than to regret it!


Store in a safe place:

Do not place your e-cigarette device on the carpet or near any flammable materials. If you need to store them for a longer period or during travel, it is best to remove the fuel tanks and modules and place them in a safety box. Keep the device away from sunlight and water.


Use the original charging cable:

Make sure the power outlet meets the requirements of your device, especially when you travel to another country where the voltage level may be different from yours. Also, make sure that the charging cable is compatible with the power supply and in good condition.


Never overcharge your device:

Some high-quality modules have built-in shut-off modules that block power when fully charged. But these modules can malfunction, leading to a fire accident. So do not overcharge your device or power it up overnight.


Note when charging:

Use an original and compatible power adapter and USB cable. Do not overcharge your module or connect it to a power source for an extended period. Once the battery is full, simply disconnect the device to avoid any malfunctions.


Keep the battery charged:

It is wise to keep your battery above 50-60%. This way, you can maximize their service life. Also, if your battery voltage is below 3.7V, plug them into the battery jumper starter device


Safe handling of old batteries:

It is wise to discard old batteries in a safety box. After the battery stop provides good battery time or starts to inflate, you will know when the battery has exceeded its useful life.


Fully discharged once a month.

While lithium-ion batteries do not like to discharge regularly, most manufacturers recommend fully discharging the battery once a month to ensure that battery life metrics remain accurate.


While many factors can affect your VAPE battery safety, following our battery safety and charging guidelines to keep your device safe will go a long way towards maintaining good battery health and minimizing the potential risk of a battery explosion. Finally, the batteries used in the products sold on VEEXSHOP.COM have passed various tests in extreme environments, so you can buy them with confidence.



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