E-cigarettes(vape) VS. traditional e-cigarettes(smoke)

An e-cigarette is an electronic product that mimics a cigarette and has the same look, smoke, taste and feel as a cigarette. It is a product that uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to power an atomizer that turns nicotine, etc. into vapor by heating the vapor in the oil chamber and then allowing the user to inhale.
In fact, this description is not very comprehensive, here refers to the vape e-liquid atomization (Vape), does not include heating non-combustion (HNB).
Heat-not-burn (HNB)
Heat-not-burn, or HNB for short, refers to the heating of tobacco, but not to the extent of ignition, at a certain temperature to let the nicotine evaporate.
The raw material used is also tobacco, similar to common cigarettes, but also subject to special processing. Because it involves tobacco raw materials, it is a tobacco control in the country, and currently only Chinese cigarettes can be sold in the country. This is a very large potential market, compared to the traditional cigarette is more beneficial to health, and there is a certain probability to sell higher prices, Chinese cigarettes in the future will certainly be a large area to spread.
When using the special bullet (HNB bullet looks like a cigarette) into the cigarette machine, and then smoke.

HNB's representative brand for the tobacco giant Philip Morris under the brand IQOS, there is a listed company in the country for its supply chain one of the surplus fun technology.
The mainstream, most common type of e-cigarette nowadays, is atomized by heating nicotine-containing tobacco oil, which is then inhaled by the body.
HNB and Vape who is the future, space is limited here not to make an evaluation, I have heard many conflicting views.
But the current market, the vape market is much larger.
Vape (Vaporizer)
Vape can be further divided into two main categories.
Open type, vape and vape oil are sold separately, users need to buy vape oil separately after buying the vape, and then the user has to inject the vape oil into the empty vape cartridge and vape by themselves.
Open type is definitely a lot of work, but the advantage is that you can DIY, some old smokers like to make their own vape oil (production is very simple, probably even simpler than home brewing).
Currently open U.S. market will be much larger.
Closed, the business will help you fill the oil in advance in the cartridge or disposable e-cigarette, the user does not need to add their own vape e-liquid.
At present, the closed market will be much larger, McWell prospectus data, open market capacity of about 60% of the closed.
Closed type can also be further divided into two categories.
Bullet change type, the vaporizer and smoke the bullet sold separately, smoke a bullet after the vaporizer to stay, directly change the bullet on the line, such as LEXIN LEXIN electronic cigarette.
Cigarette machine about 100 more, about 30-50 a smoke bomb.
Disposable e-cigarettes, the cartridge and the cigarette machine are in one, after smoking the whole throw away. Convenient, but the amount of each one is slightly lower than the bullet replacement type, generally suitable for new smokers.
Now, the most available on the market is the bullet exchange type, the following is the structure of the bullet exchange type electronic cigarette.
Second, the structure of the electronic cigarette composition
Take LEXIN electronic cigarette as an example, LEXIN electronic cigarette is composed of LEXIN cigarette stick and LEXIN cigarette bullet.
Cigarette Stem
The internal structure of the stem uses the same basic components: a light PCBA board, a rechargeable battery, and various electronic circuits.
Cigarette cartridge (electronic atomizer, vape pod)
A smoke cartridge is an electronic atomizer, which is the mouthpiece part of an electronic cigarette. The structure of the atomizer is a heating component that is powered by the battery to generate heat, which causes the smoke oil next to it to evaporate and form smoke, thus allowing people to achieve the effect of "swallowing clouds and exhaling fog" when they smoke.

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