Experience of using VEEX V5

Let’s evaluate the taste of the TAKI-VEEX V5 vape pods based on my own experience. What kind of taste you like varies from person to person. My evaluation can be used as a reference for everyone. You have to experience it yourself. I see that some respondents have marked the sweetness and coolness of each flavor, so I won't mention it here, okay, not much nonsense. Make a gradient ranking for you! (Under the same gradient, ">" takes precedence over the former, and "≈" refers to the same degree of recommendation)

◆The first tier ◆ (strongly recommended) Cherry>Coke ≈ Green tea ≈ c-flavored orange ≈ Orange soda ≈ Prune first tier ! Every flavor can be used as a long-term ration. Let's talk about the cherry flavor first, the entrance is soft and the aftertaste is delicate. Among the fruit flavors, my favorite is the cherry. Cola flavor is really a must for summer! The reduction degree of cola can be said to be in place, and the sweetness is moderate in my opinion. The fly in the ointment is that the cooling is far from enough, I hope there will be improvements in the future. The only tea flavor I can accept is green tea. It is worth mentioning that, whether it is cherries, cola or green tea, the best experience period for these flavors is just four or five hours after unpacking, and when you get two-thirds of the oil left, it is already there. I can feel that the taste is not right. When one third of the oil is left, the smoke is so weak that it makes people feel sick. I don’t know when these manufacturers can make the taste of the first and last bites almost the same? Ugh. C-flavored fresh orange and orange soda are recommended by everyone. They are two flavors that are generally recognized. There is nothing to say, they are quite satisfactory, and long-term rations are necessary. The taste of prunes is slightly sweet but not greasy. To be precise, it is the sweet and sour kind, and the coolness is also very good. It is suitable for friends who do not like too sweet tastes. Ah this, after writing it, I found that my first-tier recommendation is really suitable for summer.

◆The Second Tier The second queue comes out with fruit flavors. In my opinion, there are so many fruit flavors that many newbies are overwhelmed. You will know which fruit flavor is right for you by taking two bites by yourself. A person who likes to eat watermelon and apples in daily life, if he still smokes electronic cigarettes, he must not miss the taste of watermelon and apples, that's the reason. Most of the fruit flavors are quite satisfactory, and it is difficult to have that kind of amazing feeling. In the second echelon, I recommend watermelon and melon first, they are very good.

◆The Third Tier The old popsicle has a high evaluation. I'm sorry, but here I put old popsicles in the last tier, it's not that I'm unconventional. The first time I went to the store, I bought a box of old popsicles. After two bites, I was severely disgusted. What am I smoking? Nail polish? Really, it smells like bad nail polish! I will never try old popsicles again! Let's talk about mung beans. In fact, I can also put it in the second echelon. In my opinion, this flavor can be tasted occasionally. If you use it as a long-term ration, unless you really love it, this thing will always be smoked. Really tired, an indescribable feeling of nausea, weird. Mint is the only pod in all RELX pods that makes my throat feel uncomfortable and I always want to cough. Overall, the flavor is still great, and the flavor of the mint-flavored pod cigarettes you bought is not bad. Anyway, I always want to cough, no solution. Finally, let's talk about peach oolong. The smell of the essence is lingering like an air freshener, and it is one of my most hated tastes.

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