How Many Puffs Does a Vaper Take in a Day?

In today's world, vaping has a terrible image, but that should not be the case. It is often a bridge for people who want to quit smoking completely.

Vaping is when nicotine from tobacco heats in an e-cigarette or vape pen and is mixed with flavors to generate a vapor that you inhale. Vaping is a good option for smokers who wish to quit since it gradually reduces the quantity of nicotine they take per day.

Do you want to know how much nicotine is in a vape and how many puffs you should take in a day? Continue reading for a data-driven analysis of vaping and nicotine concentrations.

Levels of Nicotine in E-Juice

You must choose your nicotine level when ordering e-juice or vape pods. These percentages range from 0% to 3%, 3-5 percent, or over 5%. These proportions show how much nicotine is present in each milliliter of e-juice. Measurements can also come in milligrams.

If you are or were a habitual cigarette smoker, a basic rule of thumb is to get a bigger amount. You may navigate your way down from there if you're giving up smoking. If you are a light cigarette smoker, pick a lower content and strive to maintain it.

3% to 5% Nicotine

Now, how much nicotine does a vape contain?

  • 0% nicotine - zero nicotine. It is best for people who are just mildly dependent on nicotine or do not use it at all. These e-liquids are silky smooth and have no throat impact.
  • 0-3 percent nicotine - 0-30 mg for every milliliter. The most flavorful and most usual quantity in commercial vape juice.
  • 30-50 mg of nicotine per milliliter at a concentration of 3-5 percent. A greater concentration (3-5 mg per mL) is appropriate for smokers who want to reduce their present consumption. This line also comes in a variety of flavors.
  • 5% or higher - The greatest concentration is achievable (50 mg or more per mL). Unless you already have a serious smoking problem, we recommend avoiding them. After which, before gradually decreasing off, you may have to maintain your present nicotine consumption. Consider the Taki-T50 product line.

Nicotine Levels Per Puff Calculation

The amount of nicotine in a vape kit varies depending on the nicotine levels in your preferred e-juice. The puff's duration also affects the quantity of nicotine. For example, somebody who does a 3-second draw at 3% nicotine (like the Taki-T31 and Taki-T1) may consume more nicotine than someone taking a 3-second drag at 0.5 percent nicotine. Non-nicotine vaping devices may not have any nicotine in them. 

It is tough to quantify how much nicotine you are inhaling per puff of vape, but it is also possible with some effort. Divide the total number of puffs in the juice pack by the overall milligrams of nicotine to arrive at this figure.

Assume your e-juice has a concentration of 1.8 percent. This ratio corresponds to around 18mg of nicotine per 1mL of e-juice. If your vape pen carries one 1mL e-juice cartridge, you can get 300 puffs. (Manufacturers normally print the amount on the package.) To have your milligrams of nicotine every puff, simply divide 18 by 300, which is about 0.06mg of nicotine per puff. 

The nicotine content in each puff depends on several parameters, such as the length of the drag. Getting a long pull on the vape may lead to a larger nicotine intake, lowering the number of puffs you may pursue in the future. Determining the nicotine per puff may not be beneficial if your drag patterns are irregular. This calculation can pay if you are consistent with your vaping along with the drag rate.

Take Away

There is no such thing as "normal," and the number of puffs each day is irrelevant. Nicotine's permissible daily intake completely depends on many lifestyle factors and biological factors. Because calculating nicotine intake per puff is also not a precise science, it may be best to meet your individual demands. Make your vape order with us today.