Pod vape holds how much juice

A vape pod's cartridge, sometimes known as a "topper" because it slots into the battery and sits on top of the system, is what holds a pod system's e-liquid. Whilst the cartridge's total volume varies between different manufacturers, we typically see pods being able to hold between 1ml and 3ml of e-liquid.

Although this does not sound like a whole lot of e-liquid, it is enough for most 'standard' vapers who use their devices passively throughout the day. For more 'hardcore' vapers who like long and in-depth sessions, the smaller capacity could be problematic.

If you fall into the latter 'hardcore' category, just make sure that you are always carrying a bottle of e-liquid with you so that you can top up your pod's cartridge when you need to. If you use a disposable pod system like our Viggo Series, then make sure you're always carrying around an extra pod in case the one you're using runs out of e-juice.

There are also a few tips you can use to help your pod's e-liquid last longer.