TAKI-VEEX NEW Product -T20 Rainbow puff bar

Under the strict standards of the national standard control, VEEX Technology has developed a new high-quality disposable vape product in the industry volume - T20 Rainbow puff bar disposable vape. This new vape product has a super high macaron color scheme face value, but also has a super vape device performance, what makes this new product in the industry high reputation, I came to find out.

The first thing that caught my eye was the colorful shell of the T20, which has a colorful color scheme known as "rainbow stick" at first glance. The pie-shaped stem is comfortable to hold in the hand, and its small size makes it easy to carry around.

According to my understanding, VEEX has launched different versions of T20 vape products according to the market preferences of different countries, including the North American version, the national version, the Southeast Asian version, and so on. There will be some differences in the deployment of flavors, but in the overall performance of the machine is the same, T20 puff bar performance is very good, large capacity unimpeded, launched in just a few weeks, the market feedback are given "high performance" "unimpeded vaping" "high value taste rich" and other user comments. It has also attracted many players in the electronic cigarette industry to review its lovely appearance and rich saturated taste makes T20 praise.

VEEX has been committed to the parallel development of multiple lines, whether overseas or domestic business, VEEX has extraordinary performance, multi-matrix multi-line market chain development makes Vickers products in the global basic have a certain amount of sound. Recently launched several new disposable products belong to just launched that burst fire, such as T50, T31, T20, etc., have been applauded and praised by the users.

In the era of electronic cigarettes are regulated by the industry, VEEX follow the national standards of strict discipline, invest more resources in product development, product quality monitoring, and strive to develop more healthy and green electronic cigarette new land, I believe that VEEX tirelessly launched good products will definitely harvest more public love.

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