The top 8 brands of vape

The top 8 brands of vape, which brand of vape is best

With the development of technology and society, people's quality of life is constantly improving, and everyone is more and more concerned about their own health. Taking smoking as an example, we all know that smoking is harmful to health, but it is too difficult to quit smoking, so many smokers began to choose e-cigarettes(vape) with less harmful substances. But people still have various questions about e-cigarettes, such as "what brand of e-cigarettes(vape) is good", "can e-cigarettes(vape) quit smoking", "which brand of e-cigarettes is good", etc. I have read a lot of articles about e-cigarette recommendations, and today I have sorted them out The top 8 brands of electronic cigarettes at home and abroad are for your reference to understand which brand of electronic cigarettes is good.

First of all, I want to talk about the knowledge about electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are generally divided into two types: heat-not-burn type and liquid type. The so-called heat-not-burn electronic cigarette works on the principle that there is a heating core in the cigarette rod, and the heating core is heated by the cigarette rod, thereby heating the tobacco in the pod, and atomizing it without reaching the ignition point. For smokers. The heat-not-burn electronic cigarette has a complete real smoke taste in terms of taste, which can avoid tar and carbon monoxide, the two most harmful products in tobacco, and save the harm and inconvenience of the "open flame" of lighters. The liquid electronic cigarette is to boil the liquid containing nicotine and other food additives through the electronic cigarette device, and suck the water vapor generated after heating. Usually, a small amount of flavor is added to the liquid to adjust the taste. There are many brands of liquid, and the main difference is actually in the flavor of the flavor. The following editor will introduce the top 8 brands of electronic cigarettes at home and abroad one by one. The details are as follows:

Top 8 in the e-cigarette list 1. IQOS in the United States

The old brand IQOS is a heat-not-burn electronic cigarette, which has always been very popular. Most of the smokers are completely converted to heat not burn product consumers after using IOQS products. IQOS is mainly heated by the heating core, which can control the temperature at 300 ℃, and the taste is similar to that of ordinary cigarettes. However, the amount of smoke is small and the price is expensive. Only one pod can be heated at a time, and the heating cannot be interrupted. It can be heated for 6 minutes or about 14 puffs. After use, it needs to be charged before smoking the next one. For adults who are addicted to smoking, it will be more trouble.

Top 8 of the e-cigarette list 2, South Korea lil

The popularity of lil electronic cigarettes has been high in the past two years. It is very popular abroad. It has the advantages of strong throat hit and easy cleaning. The basic lil plus is an all-in-one body, using dual heating technology, the taste is soft and even, up to four can be smoked in a row, no buffer time is required, and the smoking experience is better. The battery life of the lil plus is also very strong, the power is strong, and once charged, it can meet the needs of about 20 cigarettes; it has a deep cleaning function, which can be automatically cleaned in a few minutes by pressing a button. The other lil mini is more streamlined, with a weight of just over 50 grams and an ultra-compact size, making it very light to hold in your hand or put in your pocket. The lil body has an LED indicator, which can display the power status at any time, which is convenient for timely charging, etc. The design is very user-friendly.

Top 8 e-cigarette rankings 3, Japan GLO

GLO is an electronic cigarette produced by BAT Japan. It uses the ceramic wall of the inner cabin to heat for 15 seconds. The cartridge can be completely burned. GLO can be used continuously for 30 times when fully charged. It is suitable for GLO cartridges including KENT and NEW There are a total of 18 flavors in both versions, and choosing from 18 flavor types is also a big plus. Because GLO has a strong smell, it is not suitable for smoking in closed rooms, but GLO has a lighter taste than IQOS, and smokers who like stronger flavors need to choose carefully.

Top 8 in the e-cigarette list 4, JUUL

Juul is a well-known brand of electronic cigarettes in the United States. The products use nicotine salt technology, and the taste is more refined. There is no need to inject oil to switch flavors. However, JUUL is suspected of luring young people in the US publicity strategy, and has been warned by the FDA many times. Now it has entered the overseas market, and its taste is more European and American.

Top 8 top 5 e-cigarettes, gemei-ec

gemei-ec shield from the United States is a geek brand. gemei-ec has always been committed to creating "safer and healthier smoking", and this goal has been set as their purpose. Its e-cigarette products use imported e-liquid, with 8 flavors and three concentrations. With the use of e-cigarettes, the concentration gradually decreases, and finally becomes 0mg e-liquid concentration, and then completely gets rid of the control of nicotine. And the innovative design in appearance and good performance make it occupy a place in the industry. Good performance and cool appearance make many electronic cigarette enthusiasts appreciate him. According to the feedback from the audience, there is no discomfort at all after use, and it is really safe.

Top 8 in the e-cigarette rankings 6, smok

smok is the English word smoke without an e. It can be said to be the most vivid electronic cigarette brand. It is relatively well-known in China. It is a domestic electronic cigarette brand produced by Avipus Technology and is well-known among smokers.

Top 8 e-cigarettes 7, RELX

RELX electronic cigarette is also a domestic brand. The main product is a refillable atomizing cigarette set, a double-layer structure pod, and the atomizer separates the oil tank from the atomizing core. There is still some room for optimization in the pod part. RELEX does not have offline stores and only sells online on the Internet platform. It is a hot-selling consumer brand for smokers. The products in the online store are mainly electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette oil, etc., with a wide variety and top sales.

Top 8 of the e-cigarette list 8, VEEX

VEEX e-cigarettes have a good taste, and the real smoke taste created by the dense smoke and cotton bead filter is worth mentioning. Transparent pods make sure you can check your e-liquid  easily. VEEX pod system like V4 support quick charge, charging time only need 20 mins. Up to 30 flavors to choose from for your V1 / V4 device. In addition, the packaging is simple and stylish, the device is fool-like operation. It is an electronic cigarette brand with online taste and appearance.

A nice e-cigarette(vape) brand should be judged in terms of throat hit, cartridge quality control, battery, realistic taste, damping (the force required to suck the same amount of cigarettes), etc. Of course, the quality must be qualified and excellent. As for which brand of electronic cigarette is good, everyone should know more about the relevant knowledge and make a judgment. It needs to be clear that smoking is harmful to health. Even e-cigarettes do not mean harmless. It is recommended that friends who are addicted to smoking try to control the time and frequency of smoking every day, and use e-cigarettes as soon as possible to achieve the purpose of quitting smoking. Health is the most important.