The Truth You Need To Know About Nicotine-Free Vapes.

In this article, we'll prove that you can switch to nicotine-free vaping juice and still be completely satisfied with your vaping experience, provided you do it the right way.

VEEX V1 Nicotine Free Pods-Green Bomb

Does nicotine-free E-liquid help with anxiety?

If you are a current nicotine investor and currently experience little stress or anxiety, you may experience increased stress, irritability, or anxiety after consuming 0 nicotine e-cigarettes. For some people, the experience of quitting smoking can be overwhelming. The good news is that these mood changes are usually temporary, and your body is adjusting to the absence of nicotine. The longer you go without nicotine, the better you'll feel. When you have a tough day, remember why quitting smoking is better for you in the long run


Does nicotine-free e-cigarettes help quit smoking?

Yes, nicotine-free juice is not addictive, but abruptly lowering your nicotine intake may have adverse effects on you. For you to avoid the cold turkey reaction and adapt to 0 nicotine juice, experts give two options,

Step1. You should set a plan to gradually reduce your nicotine intake and consume low nicotine juice until you are comfortable with 0 nicotine juice.

Step2.You can mix 0 nicotine juice with your usual juice, and gradually increase the frequency of consuming 0 nicotine juice.

 If you have adapted to 0 nicotine juice and no longer miss flue-cured tobacco, then congratulations, you have got rid of nicotine control, and you are not far from quitting smoking


Will nicotine-free e-cigarettes screw up the taste?

 E-juice without nicotine will reduce throat hit, even the difference between 3% nicotine e-juice and nicotine-free e-juice can feel significant if you're the type who equates throat hit. If you need to feel something in your throat to be satisfied with your vaping experience, you should choose an e-liquid that delivers a throat blow even without nicotine. There are several ways to solve this problem.

The menthol-containing e-liquid will produce a strong sense of stimulation, which can relieve the discomfort of reducing the throat hit caused by reducing nicotine, and you can adapt to it faster. A high-powered e-cigarette produces a larger smoke, and the big smoke maintains the hit on the throat, so you're no longer confused by the difference in nicotine reduction.

The good news is that zero-nicotine e-cigarettes allow e-cigarette users to focus on flavor without stinging their throats. If it's vanilla, you'll focus on the vanilla flavor throughout your vaping experience.


Where should I buy 0 nicotine e-juice?

nicotine-free e-juice on the market is not common. This means it can be hard to find a flavor you like below 3mg/ml, but don't worry because we've done the hard work for you. Veexshop provides 0 nicotine smoke juice in 4 flavors. The Green Bomb flavor is suitable for users who need a throat hit. Fresh Dew has a lighter taste and is used for daily consumption, and Osmanthus and Lily Valley are full of fragrance and are an excellent choice for tasting sweet smoke



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