VEEX, RELX, YOOZ, and MOTI, which is the best pod vape?

The reason for choosing these brands is very simple, because they are the mainstream brands on the market now, and now the heating medium is mainly ceramic coil, although for the different needs of customers on the market, there are some products or cotton coil. E-cigarettes are not like traditional tobacco, which requires only one light. Instead, each puff of e-cigarette is vaporized through a heated medium. Regardless of taste differences, at least the starting line of these products is basically the same. In this article, we analyze the packaging, taste, product technology and customer evaluation of several brands to find out which product is better and worthy of customers' purchase.



While e-cigarette products aren't that expensive, the RELX was a bit of a surprise when it came with two PODS, as 299 yuan was a high price for the product. Fortunately, the design of the package is more careful, the conversational instructions shorten the distance of the user, and the smoke shell is translucent, easy to observe the smoke oil allowance. The product design is an integrated metal body, with no plane design for the whole body. In the middle is a droplet shape indicator light, and at the bottom is a traditional injection molding interface design. It uses mirco-USB interface to charge, and a charging cable is attached.


YOOZ also has two pods. It has the same packaging design as the iPhone, without its own brand logo and innovation. It is still a metal integrated body, with curved front and rear design, LOGO reminder lamp in the middle, and an air inlet hole on the left and right side frames. At the bottom is the Mirco-USB charging port and a braided wire is included in the package. POD replacement is the most difficult.


MOTI's product design is almost identical to RELX's, except for the LOGO and indicator light. Even the charging cable is identical, because it is made by the same OEM. MOTI also made the edge of the POD close to the mouth transparent for easy observation of the e-liquid. The set contains 3 PODS.


VEEX offers 3 pods. Packaging design more carefully, detailed instructions can make it easier for customers to understand the use of products. And the pod is transparent, so that users can observe the e-liquid allowance. Product design is an integrated metal fuselage, the whole body for the front and rear arc design for metal lines on both sides, both sides of the frame each hit an air inlet, the middle is an arrow shaped indicator light, when using and charging the indicator light up to remind charging and warning use frequency is too high. At the bottom there is a Type-C blind plug interface to keep up with The Times. , it comes with a charging cable. When POD is inserted, the body vibrates, especially with a sense of ceremony. It is worth mentioning that VEEX devices can use POD from RELX and YOOZ, which is undoubtedly the best in design and compatibility.

Atomizer(VAPE POD)

As mentioned earlier in the article, in order to ensure the similarity of products and facilitate comparison, we chose several brands with "ceramic" as the heating medium. The heating medium is responsible for the full atomization of vape e-liquid, which affects the efficiency of cigarette output and atomization taste of e-cigarette. It is the core component of e-cigarette. It's worth noting that several other e-cigarette brands besides VEEX use heating technology from a company called Smoore. From this, we can see the advantages of VEEX: it has the ability to develop and produce its own products. It is completely independent from other companies to ensure the long-term production of safe and healthy products to supply the market and meet the needs of customers. Especially during the epidemic, it can meet the demand of consumers and has sufficient production capacity.There are many e-cigarettes on the market that still use cotton core atomization heating. Considering the needs of some customers, VEEX has also introduced a series of cotton core heating products to meet the needs of consumers and truly make consumers worthy of choice.


VEEX's atomizing core is made of ceramic, with excellent taste, strong explosive force and more atomization. Using transparent pacifier grade PCTG material, safe visible, excellent quality. Part of the products are made of Chinese cotton, which is soft and thick, with high taste reduction degree and good oil absorption and oil conduction. Double wire and winding, taste more outstanding, condensate reflux again storage oil, more abundant physical. Intelligent constant power technology, with the style of straight airway, delicate and strong. Original NCODE ceramic new technology, large smoke but not dry throat, also prevent oil leakage, frying oil.


E-liqduid is the coil essence of the product, especially the quality of nicotine in e-liquid. The nicotine used in early e-cigarette liquids was diluted with nicotine solution, which was very basic and did not eliminate the smell of nicotine solution. It has now been replaced by nicotine salts, which are less irritating but mean a smoother taste and less scratchy throat.

RELX, YOOZ, MOTI and VEEX all use nicotine-salt technology, which means they have a better taste than traditional e-cigarettes.


Surprisingly, though, VEEX is also a nicotine salt, but it has a real bite to it, and it's smooth and rich, giving vapers a strong sense of satisfaction. Considering that some customers do not like products containing nicotine, VEEX has launched a series of 0 nicotine pods, which are green and healthy, and have a lasting aroma.

On the palate

In general, these brands use ceramic heating and nicotine-salt technology, and are among the best in the industry in terms of taste and smoothness.

RELX is soft and smooth in taste, with high taste of tobacco, which does not leave the mouth when it is too long, and will not cause strong stimulation to the human body. However, in fragrance, there is a tempered flavor, fortunately, it is high in addiction, and two or three sips can bring pleasure to old smokers.

YOOZ's first impression is that it produces a lot of smoke, but the tobacco flavor has a nutty flavor. YOOZ's peppermint flavor is just as satisfying as RELX's coolness, and the peppermint coolness stays on the tongue for longer.

MOTI is not very realistic on tobacco, although it is soft, it doesn't really taste like tobacco, probably to make it easier for new smokers to accept. Its mint, fruit taste on the play is not ideal, pseudo-true degree is not high.


In terms of taste, VEEX is characterized by a high degree of restoration, smoothness and fullness. Various tastes of high degree of imitation, high degree of addiction, smoke. Longjing flavor is particularly popular with customers. Fruit flavor is particularly rich, high degree of imitation. The flavors are not easily confused, and the oversized smoke is not dry.

To summarize, MOTI's overall fidelity is not high, the flavors are confusing, and the average price of POD is the highest. VEEX is the best in portability and styling, recommended for longjing taste, and is VEEX's most popular product. RELX and YOOZ are the perfect brands for their smoothness.

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