VEEX V1 and V5,how to choose?

V1 is the first e-cigarette cartridge launched by VEEX, one of the E-cigarette Technology Companies in China, has been listed on the market to get a very large number of e-cigarette consumers’ favor and has been consistently on the company’s bestseller list. Turn to the other side, V5 is the latest series of pod system products released by the company, what is special about each of them? How should vape consumers make choice when both types in their hand? The following article may help you! We would like to through this article from the appearance, manufacturing, compatible device, flavors and price to make specific comparisons and distinctions between these two pod systems, in order to provide purchase advice to so many vape consumers.


  1. Appearance

There is no doubt that the first thing we look at is the appearance of a product. Although vape kits are not as common as cell phones, some of the unboxing experience and product design is still well important.

Initially, both items are flat drip tip upper designed and the lower part, which is connected to the atomization device, are oval-shaped. But it can’t be ignored that the color of the tube is different according to different coil materials. Except for cotton coil pod from V1 the other products from this series are completely transparent. Therefore, the most of V1 users can clearly observe the amount of e-liquid left and whether there is any sediment or not. Meanwhile, tubes of V5 are both translucent. As for why the cotton wick material of V1 is loaded into a black tube, it is also very understandable. It has a lot to do with the nature of the tobacco oil and the characteristics of the two different heating medium materials. In the next part we will explain it specifically.


  1. Manufacturing

The heating medium in the vape pod system is responsible for the adequate atomization of the e-liquid, which affects the atomization efficiency and the atomized taste of the pod system. It is undoubtedly the core component of a vape. However, different materials are used to achieve different results with e-cigarette wicks. Currently, ceramic and cotton are widely used in vape pod systems. Both materials have their own advantages and drawbacks. As we have mentioned in the first part “appearance”, different transparency of tubes pod systems use can affect the quality of e-liquid inside it. In general, UV light tends to degrade the tobacco oil quality and affect the taste in an environment with high light transmission. The cotton wick will have better capabilities of revivification of various flavors than the ceramic wick, and it has also a better performance in e-liquid absorption and transmission. While the new emerging ceramic wick has lower requirements for environmental and climate changes and therefore is more stable than the cotton coil during the heating process. Because the translucent tube not only ensures that the tobacco oil inside is protected from external UV rays, but also enough to let vapers know how much e-liquid is left in it and predict when they need to replace a new cartridge. With both products having the same liquid volume (2mL each pod) and nicotine level (3% per mL), they also have a clear difference in that the V1 heats by constant voltage, while the V5 opts for constant power heating. With both products having the same volume and nicotine content, they also have a clear difference in that the V1 has constant pressure heating, while the V5 has chosen constant power heating. The result of this is that V1 with constant voltage has a very strong taste when the user vapes in the early stages, and then the taste of flavors may fade as the amount of liquid left decreases. By the contrast, the advantage of constant power is that it guarantees a consistent taste throughout the vaping process. So given all these factors we can be sure that the V5 has a better performance than the V1 in terms of keeping the oil quality and stable taste. And don’t warry about the problem leakage. Both products have equipped with multi layers to prevent from tar leakage.

  1. Compatible device

Fundamentally, all products of V1 pod system series can perfectly compatible with VEEX V1, WUUZ S1, WUUZ S1 Chinoiserie, WUUZ S1 Starfall wars, XIYO X1 and other brands like RELX Classic. On the other side, V5 can be assembled to VEEX V4, WUUZ S4 or other brands like RELX Infinity. As we can see, The V1 is the winner in terms of the number of applicable atomizing devices.


  1. Flavors

What about the flavors? Considering the same nicotine content and purity in the e-liquid, both e-cigarette products in this review perform quite well. There are 6 different cartridges in the V1 series, namely ceramic coil pod with 2mL capacity, cotton coil pod with 2mL capacity, ceramic coil plus pod with 2.2mL, nicotine free with 2mL and 2.2mL and the last one with beautiful packaging design Iridescent with also 2mL and ceramic equipped. In total, there are over sixty flavors to choose from. As the first vape brand in China to connect tea flavors with e-cigarettes, V1 is naturally not without some well-known Chinese tea beverages, such as green tea, oolong tea, Bi Luo Chun, Tie Guan Yin, etc. Of course, fruit flavors are also essential. There are thirteen flavors available in the nicotine free cartridge series. Each flavor of them has a beautiful and interesting Chinese name, which give you the feelings of unique artistry and maybe attract you to try it.

VEEX V5 has totally 24 flavors including ceramic and cotton coil. In addition to traditional fruity flavors and Chinese characteristic beverage flavors, there is also tobacco flavor suitable for those, who want to slowly quit smoking through vapes to reduce damages caused by smoking but also enjoy a truly satisfying vaping session.


  1. Price

After all this, we finally have a chance to talk about price. Above of all, either V1 or V5 cartridges are very cheap ranging from 14 to 18 dollars a pack. Each pack has 3 pods. Whether discounted or not, the price is always below 20 US dollars. If the atomizer device is added to the shopping cart, it is only about 50 dollars. The VEEX products are very cost effective as both the V1 and V5 are rechargeable and the V4 atomizer stick compatible with V5 only takes 20 minutes to fully charge, which is twice as fast as the V1 45 minutes.

Pod series



Pod name

Ceramic coil

Cotton coil

Cotton coil

Ceramic coil

Iridescent (galaxy)

Ceramic plus

Nicotine free

Nicotine free plus









  1. Verdict

In short, if you are a businessman with a high frequency of e-cigarette use, V5 with flash charging ability may be a good alternative for you. If you are concerned that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are harmful to your health and that of your family and friends, V1 can be a recommended choice since there is nicotine free flavors.