VEEX V4 Lite Device or RELX Essential Device, which one is more suitable for you?

Scorched teeth, the stench of clothes hard to get rid of, the coughing sound of thick phlegm rolling down the throat, these all are the consequences of long-term smoking. Nowadays, an increasing number of people are considering choosing simpler and more portable pod vapes in view of the health considerations. With the increasing popularity of pod vapes, the market has been flooded with various devices. For starters, the choice of brand and device can be a big problem. So, we compare VEEX V4 Lite Device and RELX Essential Device in several aspects, so that consumers have a chance to make reasonable consumption choices.

VEEX V4 vape device

Color – VEEX vs RELX

From the official website, we notice that the colors that VEEX possess are Matcha Green/Smile Pink/Smoky Ink/Misty Green/Flexible Golden/Jet Black. RELX has eight colors for choosing, they are Steel Blue/Blue Glow/Red/Black/Blue/White/Neon Purple/Green. In summary, there is not much difference between the two devices in terms of the number and the style of colors.

So this round, they play to a draw.

Appearance – VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4 Lite Device has an attractive design because its PC plastic material with a smooth finish makes it sleek and trendy. This also gains a lot of popularity with young consumers.

RELX Essential Device owns a wavy texture surface that gives optimum protection to the device. However, this design is relatively conservative.

Pods – VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4 Lite Device: 

Compatible Pod: VEEX V4 Pod/VEEX V5 Pod/ TAKI R5 Pod/ WUUZ S4 Pod/ other brand's pod.

The kinds of the compatible pod are various which greatly facilities subsequent use. When you purchase the V4 Lite Device, you won't be stuck with the same old flavor. The compatible pods come in a variety of flavors. Consumers will get more taste experience by choosing different pods and find the ones that they love.

RELX Essential Device:

Compatible Pod: RELX Pod Pro.

The choice of the compatible pod is limited which causes great inconvenience for the subsequent use. When the e-liquid runs out, the user can only choose the only type of pod available, which greatly limits the variety of choices.

Besides, in terms of the appearance of pods, it exists a big difference between the two devices.

The design of VEEX pod is transparent, so that vapers will have a clear sight of the e-liquid left amount all the time from every angle. In some way, this provides a sense of security for the consumer who have been worried about the lack of e-liquid. The visible design makes the vaper feel much safer during the process of vaping.

However, everyone has different preferences. It stands to reason that some vapers prefer RELX opaque pod out of their own willing. For some vapers, they will feel a little less psychologically burdened when vaping when they can't see the e-liquid.

Battery life – VEEX vs RELX



VEEX V4 Lite Device has a larger battery capacity than RELX. As we know, this will make devices hold an electrical charge for longer periods of time which is very important for vapers. After a period of use, il can be found that VEEX V4 Lite Device shows a longer battery life.

Charging time – VEEX vs RELX

In the modern world, time is of the essence. Short charging time is a key point for consumers to make a choice. So, we have searched for charging data on both devices. Maybe certain insight will be given into your buying willingness thanks to the data.

VEEX V4 Lite Device:

Its charging current is 400mA which can achieve a full charge in 40 minutes.

RELX Essential Device:

Comparing with VEEX V4 Lite, its charging time is relatively longer which needs 45 minutes.

Based on the above data, we can drive a conclusion that VEEX V4 Lite Device is a good choice for vapers who chase the optimum charging experience.

Product quality – VEEX vs RELX

When we buy any item, the quality of the product is one of our main concerns. Both devices are designed and produced by the manufacturer using innovative technology. There are no major problems with the quality of the product. However, no product can be perfect, some defects seem inevitable.

There are relatively few reviews of VEEX V4 Lite Device. However, in the course of our collection, we found RELX is said to have serious e-liquids leakage in some pods.

Due to the lack of reviews, it is difficult to distinguish between the best device and the worst device when it comes to product quality.

Customer reviews – VEEX vs RELX


The user reviews for this device are limited. So, we will give feedback according to our own user experience. V4 Lite Device is light and it has a smooth taste .


The user reviews for Essential Device mainly focus on ease of use and good taste. Many consumers' positive comments come from the lower price.

Containment – VEEX vs RELX

VEEX: 1 Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual

RELX: 1 Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual

We have compared the above in terms of appearance, pods, battery life, charging convenience, product quality, customer reviews and containment. So based on the limited information available, we will make a small summary Hoping that this article would be of help when you have difficulty in choosing between the two devices.

Summary: How the VEEX V4 Lite Device compares to the RELX Essential Device?

In terms of features, the VEEX V4 Lite Device is as notches high as RELX Essential Device.

The VEEX V4 Lite Device is exceptionally slim and sleek, making transport and use incredibly easy for vapers. Besides, shorter charging time is what makes V4 Lite stand out.

If you are a vaping newbie, may your main concern be to get an easy entry device. At this point, RELX Essential and VEEX V4 Lite equipped with basic functions can both meet your needs. It will not give you the strong throat hits.

Actually, your choice of vaping device is personal matter. RELX Essential and VEEX V4 Lite simplify all the various aspects of vaping for you. They are the most basic option.

If you have extensive vaping experience with e-cigarettes, choosing a more advanced device such as VEEX V4 Device, WUUZ S12 and RELX Infinity, which are like a hybrid combining the basic features and more, you may have a more fantastic experience.