VEEX vs VAPORLAX, which Disposable Vape is better?

More and more vapers are realizing that disposable vapes provide them with all they need to enjoy their vaping session perfectly. They are inexpensive, convenient but also with distinctive tastes and aromas. Too much detail about its benefits is unnecessary, in this article we’d like to compare the two brands of disposable vape, VEEX and VaporLax form the following aspects including price, flavors, puff counts, battery capacity, charging availability, appearance, portability, product quality, manufacturer and company background to find out the better one. We choose their new arrivals, VEEX TAKI T50 and VaporLax Draco. In conclusion, both products have its own merits and are well worth trying.


VEEX: $18.41 

Vaporlax: $19.99

As you can see, VEEX is a little cheaper than VaporLax. Besides you can get a 10% sale price when you buy a single one, while 10 packs VaporLax just deserve about 12% sale price. But in fact, if you buy a collection of sampler pack of VaporLax, which means four disposable vape pens, you can also enjoy a 20% discount. Anyway, it’s up to you.


And what about their flavors? Would it have less alternatives to choose from? Actually, both are still available in a wide variety of vape juice flavors. And VEEX sweep to a 15-12 win over VaporLax. The Draco from VaporLax comes in twelve outstanding flavor profiles including Cool Mint, Strawberry Cream, Mixed Berries, and Blue Lush (Lush Ice). They lean a little heavily on the cooling agent. On the other side T50 from VEEX comes in 15 conspicuous flavor profiles. They range from fruits, menthol and desserts and vapers love that they have the option of 3% or 5% nicotine strengths making them more versatile – all deliver a great vape experience. There is no doubt that VEEX deliver the vast amount of traditional flavor options, perhaps more impressive is the unique Chinese characteristics of Green Tea and Ice Mung Bean flavors currently available and are a must-try. What’s more, there is a chance for VEEX-buyers to taste water-based e-liquid in this line. It is said that traditional e-liquid will dry your mouth because of too sweet absorbent and its high temperature heating might decrease the safety of device. By contrast, the natural ingredients in T50 from VEEX makes it taste smoother, moister and not so greasy. By the way, both items are made with the innovative MESH coil technology in their pods. Vapers can indulge in a combination of unbeatable flavors according to personal preference and have the most enjoyable time possible when smoking. 

Puff counts + Battery capacity + charging availability

VEEX: up to 8000 puffs

VaporLax: up to 6500 puffs

However, it is a bit optimistic to compare only the puff counts of the two disposable vapes, which depend entirely on the average vaping time of the vapers. To determine the life of a disposable vape you also need to check the e-liquid capacity and battery capacity numbers. These two disposable vapes use the similar coil resistance and internal hardware, so battery capacity and prefilled e-liquid capacity should be taken into consideration. VEEX has a 10 ml e-liquid capacity and VaporLax has a gigantic 16 ml prefilled juice capacity. VEEX integrates a 500mAh battery and VaporLax is double VEEX’s. Even though the disposable vape from VEEX only contains 500mAh battery, it produces a much larger amount of vapor compared to VaporLax, nearly 1.2 times larger. And that’s because even though it is disposable, all T50 of VEEX are also rechargeable via USB Type C. And all Draco from VaporLax can be charged via Micro USB cable. These ensure that you can vape every drop of e-Juice in the pod. All in all, the VEEX with whopping 8000 puff counts per box seems to be more attractive, isn’t it?


The aesthetics of these two disposables can be a little subjective, but there is no denying that they offer a lot to look subtle. Visually, VEEX is box shaped and the other is pen shaped. What's more interesting is that VEEX designs a unique eye-catching character image on his device on his own. Moreover, the cotton candy disposable vape from VEEX is wholly packaged with Eco-friendly and heat-resistant materials, which means it can be much safer during the use of the disposables. Compared to VEEX VaporLax has more simple form factor. It is designed with colorful gradients and geometric textures (to be honest a little bit flashy) and has a smaller but also comfortable mouthpiece. Both of them are designed for DTL and MTL dual vaping modes and the super-smooth adjustable airflow settings are found on the bottom of the vape. Both products to provide the satisfaction and efficiency vapers crave for high power low ohm big smoke, but also suitable for small smoke enthusiasts and those with the purpose of smoking cessation.


Since two products are pre-charged and prefilled with whopping e-liquid, all you need to do is open the packaging of the long-lasting disposables and puff away for a long time. Both items are small and easy to carry. Even though they are disposable vapes, both of them support charging, the only drawback may be that VaporLax is rechargeable via Micro USB instead of a universal USB Type C, which is able to be found anywhere.

Product quality

According to the customer reviews on and off the internet could be found, positive overall. Most of customers of these two products are satisfied with their awesome e-liquid flavors and the VEEX-buyers are especially well pleased with the convenient express delivery service. 

Manufacturer + company background

Their offices are both located in Shenzhen, China and they are one of the most famous manufacturers in the vape industry in China. VaporLax was founded in 2010 with a mission to change the lives of adult smokers and their families for the better devices in mind. And VEEX was established in 2014 with the technology-driven "VEEX Technology, Geek Creation" and orientation to products innovation, to provide geeky products and services for global atomizer consumers. No wonder that either VEEX or Vaporlax is capable of providing their customers vape products of high quality.

Generally speaking, two kind of disposable vapes are from reputable companies with positive track records and have impressed us with their great performance. Through a series of comparisons, if you are a senior smoker who wants to try more novelty flavors of disposable vapes or a beginner who wants cheap vape kits in lower nicotine level first, perhaps VEEX T50 is a better choice, if you are a huge fan of high power and low ohm, VaporLax may be more suitable for you.