What flavor is the best for VEEX and RELX 1st generation pods?

Youngsters age under 21 do not smoke(vaping)! !

I have only been smoking RELX for a few months, so I bought a lot of flavors and wanted to try it (because of the national taste ban, it is not easy to buy once, so I bought a lot of flavors to try when I started smoking. It's the same as trying the taste in the store, and the heart is tired) The taste varies from person to person! My friends don't like the taste I like, but I think ordinary friends like it. I have always smoked Marlboro's mint pops, and personally I prefer cool cigarettes. As far as my personal taste is concerned, I will talk about the flavors I smoked.

Mung bean popsicle: I still like it, it has a pure green mood, but it is not my favorite, I will repurchase

Juicy grapes: Although it is a popular taste, it is not too cold for me, and I don’t have the so-called red wine taste when I smoke it (I also like the tower cat red wine, it is very fragrant hahaha) It is more like crystal grapes, probably won't repurchase

Frozen Watermelon: The expectation is high, but I was a little disappointed when I smoked it. It was ok just after I inhaled it. The aftertaste is very strange. But it's cool enough, I'm going to try it out again

Cola Ice: I think it's okay, cool cola taste, but it's not that amazing, maybe I will repurchase

Old Popsicle: I thought it would be hard to smoke after reading other people's reviews, but I like it very much hahahaha, it's really cool, the old popsicle tastes really pure, I will repurchase

Hong Kong-style lemon tea: It's weird, and it's not cold, but some people like it, it varies from person to person. I will not repurchase

Drunk love blueberry: good blueberry flavor, fragrant blueberry bubble gum feeling, cool feeling, will repurchase

Summer mango: The mango flavor is still very fragrant, and I will repurchase a few new flavors of orange soda: My life! ! ! ! Go! ! ! The taste is very good, the coolness is very good, unlimited repurchase! !

Strawberry Snow Ice: My favorite after orange soda, this strawberry flavor is really fragrant! ! Although it's not too cold, I actually like it very much! Unlimited repurchase!

Iced black tea: It is much better than Hong Kong-style lemon tea, but I don’t particularly like it. If I don’t buy it again, the flavor varies from person to person. I think the flavors that are very popular are mediocre. It is recommended to go to the counter to try and buy! Everyone is welcome to recommend flavors to me, there are still a few I haven't tried.

I am looking forward to new flavors, and I also want to try VEEX. VEEX also has lot of flavor to choose from which can used to my RELX 1st device. Which include

Chinese Tea

Iced Lemon

Iced Cola

Iced Honey Peach


Iced Grape

Iced Strawberry

Iced Watermelon

Orange Soda


Iced Mango

Iced Honeydew

Iced Pineapple

Iced Red Wine

Mung Bean Smoothie

Passion Fruit

So much type of flavors to choose from, I think its a good supplement for you.

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