What is the difference between low-priced cigarettes and high-priced cigarettes?

Smoking is a phenomenon that we often see in our lives. Some male friends may not like smoking, but sometimes they have to light a cigarette for social needs. The cigarettes sold on the market are dazzling, and the prices are high and low. Some cigarettes are very expensive, and some cigarettes can be bought for a few dollars.

For the choice of cigarettes, everyone has different choices according to their own financial ability and preferences. Some people like to smoke expensive cigarettes, thinking that taking them out will let other friend look high at them. Also have little impact on health. Some people think that cigarettes are all tobacco, and there is not much difference between cheap and expensive, and smoking cheap ones will save money.

So is the truth what people think it is? What is the difference between low-priced cigarettes and high-priced cigarettes?

The first choice of tobacco is different

We say you get what you pay for, and that's true in most cases. Expensive cigarettes are expensive because of the materials used. Although they are both shredded tobacco, they are also divided into different grades. The shredded tobacco used in expensive cigarettes will be more expensive and better, and different flavors may be added during the production process, and different formulas may be used to make the cigarettes have a unique taste when they are smoked.

But for cheap cigarettes, the shredded tobacco used will not be so particular. Not to mention the worst shredded tobacco, it may also be mixed with tobacco stems. Such a cigarette will taste bad when smoked, and it will also choke the throat.

Therefore, when smoking expensive cigarettes, smokers will feel that the taste is good and it is not easy to "get up".

Second, the packaging is different

For people who don't understand cigarettes, it is possible to distinguish the price from the cigarette package alone. The expensive cigarette packs are more exquisite and elegant, and the cigarette packs feel better than cheap cigarettes. Some cigarettes are of good quality. Even the outer paper of the filter will be perforated, the outer paper should be smoother to the touch, and the inner lining paper will be higher-grade.

Expensive cigarettes are higher in appearance than cheap cigarettes, and they are more classy.

Finally, the filters are different

Expensive and cheap filters are also different. Cigarettes use filters, although some harmful substances can be filtered, but because the resistance of the filter is relatively large, it is difficult to smoke, which will affect the taste, and expensive cigarettes will use small suction resistance, The filter with high permeability makes it easy to suck without affecting the taste.

Which is more harmful to the body, low-priced cigarettes or high-priced cigarettes?

The health effects of cigarettes are mainly derived from the tobacco in them. Tobacco contains nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, which can affect the health of the body.

Even expensive cigarettes cannot avoid containing a certain amount of tar and nicotine, so just smoking will hurt the body, no matter how expensive or not. If you want to suffer less damage to your body, it is not something that can be solved by smoking expensive cigarettes. The key is to quit smoking.

The sooner you quit smoking, the sooner your body will enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking, which will make your breath fresher, your yellowed teeth slowly whiten, your coughing less frequent, and your breathing easier. Of course, the benefits are not only these, but for the sake of health, we should try to reduce the number of smoking as much as possible.

Are e-cigarettes safer than traditional cigarettes?

In August 2016, the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products finalized a rule governing e-cigarettes. While much is still unknown about e-cigarettes, current research suggests that it may be a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Given the long list of harmful and toxic chemicals in cigarettes, researchers generally consider e-cigarettes a less dangerous option. Here are some vape brand worth to try. Like RELX / VOOPOO / VEEX / WUUZ / SMOK. If you are new to vaping and bewilder you, you can choose disposable vapes to get a one time use vape bar, like TAKI T20 / TAKI T31 / GEEKBAR etc.

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