What You Need to Know About BAR PUFF Disposable Vape

Disposable vape size and volume are very small, and easy to carry, in addition, Disposable vape does not need to replace the vape juice, only need to carry the Disposable vape out of the house, and do not need to carry heavy chargers and other accessories, then disposable vape can be used for how long? How many mouthfuls can Disposable vape smoke in a few days? Today we will share it with you!

Usually, a disposable e-cigarette can vape about 500-8000 puffs, according to market research, TAKI T50 can easily cover 8000 puffs demand, about equal to the capacity of 15 packs of cigarettes, even if the nicotine demand is relatively large vapers can also meet. Under normal circumstances, ordinary smokers do not feel choking throat when using it. The body's demand for nicotine will gradually decrease during the use of e-cigarettes, and as the body's need for nicotine decreases, we can choose to buy fruit-flavored vapes with low nicotine content.

Disposable vape's four strengths

1、More portable vape

A disposable vape does not require battery charging and does not need to disassemble and replace the POD, vapers only need to bring a Disposable vape to draw, without the need to bring heavy charging heads and other accessories.

2、The amount of atomization is more stable

Disposable vape due to the thoroughly closed design scheme, reduces the battery charging, disassembly POD, and other practical operation stages, but also reduces the generation of common faults, open electronic vapor smoke is difficult to solve the circuit fault, liquid leakage, and other issues, and disposable electronic cigarettes here has been thoroughly processed.

3、Larger capacity e-liquid

Disposable vape's vape juice capacity can be more than 5-10 times that of open e-vapor cigarettes, so the use of Distributable vape is enough for a long vacation.

4、Cheap price

Compared with closed system vape and open system vape, disposable vape is much cheaper, and its applicable customer base is relatively large compared to the previous two.

5、The smoking experience is better

The appearance and function of Disposable vapes are imitations of the shape of real cigarettes and smoking damping, people have the same feeling as smoking traditional electronic cigarettes when smoking e-cigarettes, so they are easy to be accepted by people.

Disposable vape precautions do not forget the original intention of quitting smoking during the use of vaping and do not use vaping frequently, this is the use of electric vaping to pay attention to the degree of the problem. Whether a Disposable vape will harm the human body is determined by e-liquid. The composition of E-liquid and whether it meets the standard is very critical. Standard e-liquid ingredients are edible grade propylene glycol, additives, flavors, and nicotine, so be cautious when buying vape and e-liquid, and choose genuine vape products. At VEEXSHOP.COM can buy genuine vape.

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