Why did I give up the RELX and choose VEEX?

You may not have known me before, but, by chance, when you read this article, we are friends. Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jessica. I was born in ohio and now working in New York. My official job is a clerk, the company will not tell you, it is a secret, on weekends I go to the bar part-time waiter, can see all kinds of young men and women, so, I am confident to say that I am very fashionable. Between you and me, I'm still a tobacco lover. I don't remember exactly when I started, but in pursuit of a healthy life, I gave up traditional tobacco and chose e-cigarettes, which are relatively healthier. Every time I go to the gas station to fill up, I will choose my favorite products in the convenience store there. The most I used before was a Chinese brand, RELX vapes. To be honest, RELX's equipment and pods taste has always been quite good, although not cheap, but in the case of part-time jobs can still afford. Later, I happened to know another Chinese brand, VEEX vapes, when I was working. Since then, I have become a big fan of VEEX. Please read on to find out what happened.

USE RELX 5th generation

At the beginning, after multiple researches and comparisons, I finally selected RELX 5th generation. Compared with its other products, this one is more advanced in technology, more mature in product research and development, and better matches the usage habits of consumers. For the first few months, I was so obsessed with it that I bought a lanyard and hung it on my chest as an ornament. In fact, it really adds luster to my look, and many friends have asked me about the products I use. However, the biggest problem has always been that RELX pods are not transparent. Although I know this product is healthy, I can't see the substances I take in every day, so I always feel a little worried. Secondly, as mentioned before, its price is relatively high, RELX 5th generation equipment is $39.99, and the RELX 5th generation pod is $16.99 per box. As I use it more and more, such price is not acceptable, so I have been looking for a new substitute, and fortunately, I found it.


About three months ago, I was filling up at a gas station outside New York City when I spotted VEEX at the convenience store. After a detailed understanding of the basic parameters of the product, I was pleasantly surprised to find that VEEX pod can be used on RELX’s device, and the latest product of VEEX, namely, VEEX V4, is also excellent. I asked the waiter, and he recommended VEEX's best-selling flavor, Chinese tea. In addition, I also bought grape flavor and Coke flavor pods. When I checked out, I found that I could buy an extra pack of pod at a time, which was super cheap compared to the time I bought the RELX. After I went home, can't wait to open the new toy, pod’s taste did not let me down, a breath of smoke is more, I also found that its pod is transparent, is really too surprised.

RELX 5th generation vs VEEX V4

Since these two products have been used by the author for the longest time, I will compare which product is more cost-effective. Because of different product models, different consumers have different preferences. Today's comparison is for reference only, welcome to leave a message for interaction. Due to product updates and upgrades, some information may differ, please compare by yourself.

Price – VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4 device: $33.99

RELX 5th generation device: $39.99

As can be seen from the price, RELX 5th generation device is 20 percent more expensive than VEEX V4 device, and price is important for new users.

Flavors – VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4: 27 flavors, 15 for Ceramic Coil Pod, 7 for Cotton Coil Pod, 4 for 0 Nicotine Pod

RELX 5th generation: 12 flavors

VEEX has four times as many flavors as RELX. At the same time, VEEK's products are more diverse. Ceramic Coil Pod is more extreme, cool enough, taste reduction is also good. Cotton Coil Pod taste is softer, taste reduction degree is high. 0 Nicotine Pod can let more people dare to try vapes, don’t worry about nicotine addiction.

Pods – VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4: $14.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod, 3%/0 nicotine

RELX 5th generation: $16.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod, 5%/3% nicotine

Overall, VEEX was cheaper on the list at $2 per box, and I found VEEX had more discounts and more events on actual purchases. VEEX pods have a better nicotine content for users. Plus, 5% nicotine is unaccustomed and unhealthy for most e-cigarette aficionados.

Battery - VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4: 380mAh

RELX 5th generation: 350mAh

VEEX battery life is slightly longer than RELX according to the specification.

Charging convenience – VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4: VEEX's devices use an ordinary Type C cable to charge and supports fast charging, taking just 20 minutes to fully charge without worrying about continuous use.

RELX 5th generation: RELX’s device also use an ordinary Type C cable to charge, but taking 45-60 minutes to fully charge.

Device appearance– VEEX vs RELX

VEEX V4: The appearance of VEEX’s device is simple and elegant, the brand logo is conspicuous, and 8 colors can meet the needs of all consumers.

RELX 5th generation: The RELX’s device also has a variety of colors, but the length of the device is slightly shorter.

veex v4 vape


In terms of basic specs, the difference between the two isn't that great, with VEEX's device doing a little better in terms of battery and charging. The price of the product and the taste of the pod are key to capturing consumer. VEEK V4 pods are more flavorful and offer higher quality at a better price. RELX 5th generation pods price is relatively high, taste is general. This product comparison is just my personal opinion. Different people have different feelings about different tastes.

At last

Finally, I would like to highlight some of my personal observation. First, minors are not allowed to smoke, and my articles are not allowed to be read by minors. Secondly, I am not a professional, so this evaluation only relies on my product use experience and relevant brand information, and the product preference is determined by everyone. Finally, e-cigarettes are still in their early stages of development as an alternative to traditional tobacco. We hope to see further breakthroughs in products in the future that will reduce production costs, thereby lowering the price of the product, helping smokers reduce the harm caused by traditional tobacco, and even helping them quit.