Classification of e-cigarettes, do you know?

What is vape(e-cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes mainly include internal atomizing heating machine (rod\device), heat the inner coil (pod), battery, etc., these will be make the liquid which has nicotine to atomization gas, simulate the feeling of smoking cigarettes, because does not include the combustion process, so as not to produce carbon monoxide, tar and other harmful substances to human body, in addition to common contain nicotine, vape(electronic cigarettes) and cigarettes are completely different.

Classification of e-cigarettes

1). Vape pod types can be divided into closed-pod and open pod:

Closed-pod (Brand such as TAKI \ RELX \ JUUL\ MOTI)

When using the closed-pod, you can unplug the rubber plug of the pod that has been injected with e-liquid(e-juice) and gently insert it into the vape device. It can be used after standing for a while without needing to fill e-liquid or debug the machine(vape device).

  1. Battery performance: closed-poddon't even need a lot of power, they can last 1-2 days after a single battery charge.
  2. Easy to use: Once you have purchased a new vapekit, just put in the pod on the vape device and use it.Youonly need to put a new closed-pod when you finish the e-liquid in the last pod without doing anything. Eliminates the tedious steps of changing the e-liquid in a traditional e-cigarette

Open pod (Brand such as TAKI-WUUZ \ geekvape \ voopoo \ uwell \ eleaf )

  1. Choose your own flavor: With the open cartridge, any user can inject their favorite flavor and nicotine concentration into the pod.
  2. Reduce nicotine: The open pod is an excellent way to reduce the amount of nicotine, because the user can choose to inject a low-nicotine e-liquid when needed, and can adjust the appropriate amount of nicotine at will.
  3. Reusable: Because the open cartridge can be refilled, you can reuse your pod. The best use of an open pod is 3 times, when more than 3 times may cause smell and leakage.

WUUZ S12 vape device

2). According to power classification, it can be divided into low-power type and high-power type:

Low-power vape( veex \ wuuz \ relx \ juul \ moti)

Small power e-cigarette is our common vape kit (change pod), is now the mainstream of the market e-cigarette bomb products. Mainly by the closed-pod to be suitable for the device, the characteristics of the closed pod is pre-filled by the manufacturer, only need to insert the pre-filled pod in the e-cigarette pod, and then you can directly to vape. More friendly to novice, assembly is very convenient, replacement is also very convenient.

High-power e-cigarettes

The high-power e-cigarette is a mode that differs from the above e-cigarette devices because it has configurable watts, temperature adjustment, replaceable batteries, and controlled chipsets with safety mechanisms to minimize electrical short-circuits and low battery protection. Because of its complex functions, the general price will be slightly more expensive.

3) E-cigarette e-liquid ( naked-100 \ cuttwood)

E-cigarette e-liquid is mainly composed of three substances: nicotine, fragrance and PG/VG.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines PG as "generally safe in humans". PG (propylene glycol) is the carrier of essence, which can enhance the taste of tobacco vape e-liquid. Heat will produce a small amount of vapour, and with a certain sense of throat.

VG(vegetable glycerin or glycerin), like PG, is a widely used raw material in daily life. VG's main role in smoke oil is to produce "vapour".

Fragrance fragrance generally uses food grade, basically has no effect on human body.


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