Do e-cigarettes affect people's health?

To understand the dangers of e-cigarettes, we need to know what they are made of. E-cigarettes mainly include internal atomizing heating machine (cigarette rod), heating inner coil (cigarette bomb), battery, etc., among which the cigarette oil components mainly include nicotine, fragrance and PG/VG.

The main substance that e-cigarettes affect the body is nicotine. Nicotine is a well-known addictive substance, mainly found in cigarettes, which can trigger addictive reflections and possibly increase heart rate and blood pressure.

While large doses of nicotine can cause nausea and vomiting, keeping nicotine doses within safe limits does not cause discomfort. Nicotine is just as harmful to the body as caffeine in coffee.

Do e-cigarettes produce harmful substances? As e-cigarettes,such as VEEX\relx\moti\juul) use physical atomization technology, there will be no new substances and hazards. Generally speaking, the highest temperature of mainstream e-cigarette equipment is 300~400℃, and the temperature of organic cracking reaction needs to reach 700~800℃. It can be seen that compliance e-cigarette equipment will not produce harmful substances by cracking reaction.

Cigarette will produce many harmful substances in the process of burning. According to the literature, the harmful substances produced by cigarette can be roughly divided into six categories:

(1) Aldehydes, nitrides, alkenes, these substances have a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract.

(2) Nicotine class, can stimulate sympathetic nerve, cause vascular intima damage.

(3) Amines, cyanide and heavy metals, which are toxic substances.

(4) Benzopyrene, arsenic, cadmium, methylhydrazine, aminophenol, other radioactive substances. These substances are carcinogenic.

(5) phenolic compounds and formaldehyde, these substances have the effect of accelerating carcinogenesis.

(6) Carbon monoxide reduces the ability of red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body.


E-cigarettes are only aerosolized e-liquid, and do not produce smell smoke, let alone remain in clothing and other places; From the perspective of taste, e-liquid is generally fruit, tea, dessert flavor, etc. Such as VEEX-chinese tea、iced grape、iced cola、taro and iced lemon; RELX-ludou iced、watermelon、taro and etc..

 There is no unpleasant smell of smoke. In contrast, cigarettes are not only harmful to the health of smokers, second-hand smoke and third-hand smoke also affect those around the smoker.

A cigarette produces smoke (when a solid burns into a gas), whereas an e-cigarette produces steam (when a liquid turns into a gas). So the smoke tends to remain in the air and on skin, clothing and furniture, whereas vaping from e-cigarettes tends to dissipate in the air, leaving no residue.


Therefore, e-cigarettes can be considered basically harmless to people around them, and can replace cigarettes to a certain extent, and can be used safely.



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