How do you know it’s high time to change the vape coil?

If you are an experienced vape user, you know how important it is to change the vape coils. If you don’t want to end up with the guilt of using a coil for a very long time, then this blog will be really helpful for you. As per the vape experts, changing the Taki vape coil every 2 weeks would be great. There are so many indications that your vape coils start giving you indications. When your e-juice starts giving you a foul and burnt taste, it means the coil needs a change. At the same time, you will also go through some more signs like gurgling, leaks etc. 

Whether you have a branded vape or a simple vape, it’s good to know how many times the coil needs a change. To get a better vaping experience, it would be good to regularly take care of the e-cigarette. Clean the parts of your Taki e-coil so that it can stay last longer without replacement. Here are the most noticeable signs of changing vape coil.

Burnt taste of e-liquid: When the vape coil needs a change, it starts delivering a burnt taste of the liquid. If your vape kit delivers the horrible taste and hits your throat hard, it means there is something fishy. So, before receiving the unpleasant vaping experience, change the coil.

Gurgling vape device: Some vape device starts gurgling when the vape coil needs a change. The gurgling in the vape kit happens when the vape coil is not placed in the proper position. In this case, you can try to change its position. Make sure while placing the vape coils, they should be in the same homes and aligned. 

The coil is used: The quantity of changing a vaping coil also depends upon how long it is used. Different people have different personal usage of vaping. If a person is a heavy vape user and uses the transparent vape pods or vape coil multiple times in a day, it might need to change a couple of times. But if you are an average vape user, the vape coil could last for 2 to 3 weeks. Whatever your vaping habits are, it would be good to change the VEEX V1 vape coil timely for better optimal taste. 

Leakage in vape coil: Does the e-liquid from your vape kit leak out? If yes, there may be a problem with the vape coil. It’s a time to give it proper cleaning and maintenance. Reassemble the vape coil, but if still the liquid is spilled outside, you need to give it a chance.


If you are vaping in high wattage, you need multiple changes in your vape coils. To keep your coils running for some more time, you should keep them clean first. Before you are ready to take the next puff, give a break of 10 seconds at least. Puff with the lower wattage of WUUZ S12 pod mod to keep your vape kit last long. If your vape kit shows the same issues, you can go to your local shop and online stores and buy a replacement coil.



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