Why we need to use transparent vape pod(Benefits of using transparent vape pod)

Users can always clearly view the remaining amount of e-liquid and the e-liquid color if use transparent pods, color will be change after opening a time, because of the oxidation.This time the transparent vape pod will play a great role, because the general vaper use more than one flavor of vaping, for the opening but set aside not finished the using, you can check the color of the e-liquid inside through the transparent vape pod, to determine whether you can continue to You can also clearly see the amount of oil remaining.

As for why you shouldn't use oxidized smoke cartridges, even if they are not expired, they can lose their original flavor due to oxidation and even bring a bad vaping experience.

For the development of transparent bullets, TAKI is from the user's point of view, looking for the drawbacks of traditional non-transparent bullets and to solve the problem, becoming the first e-cigarette brand to produce transparent bullets in the electronic cigarette market.


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