A Beginners Guide to Vaping - Puff Bar Disposable

How To Use Puff Bar Disposable


Puff bars have become more popular in recent years. Why so, you might ask.


Well as a kind of vaping device, puff bars are unique because they are disposable. When you buy them, they come in a pack where each unit is attached with a tank pre-filled with e-juice, and a fully charged battery.


Just get the bar from the box and smoke it. When it runs out of e-juice or when its battery gets depleted, you simply discard it.


Unlike primary and older vape devices, you don’t have to go through the trouble of refilling or recharging it.


What Is A Disposable Puff Bar?

What does it mean with puff bar being a vape device?

Generally, a vape device is a vapourizer. You use it to inhale nicotine, just like smoking. However, there are major differences of vaping vs. smoking. For one thing, vaping is healthier because with it, you ingest lesser toxic chemicals, unlike with smoking, which has been deemed by authorities to be dangerous to one’s health.


The e-juice or e-liquid contained in the puff bar tank is converted into vapour, and it is formulated with a safe flavouring, giving you a tasty and satisfying puffing experience.


The term “vape” is therefore short for “vapourizer”, which is also known as an e-vapourizer, an e-cigarette, or an electronic cigarette.


How Does A Puff Bar Work?


The vape device works by heating or atomizing e-liquid and then transforming it into vapour, and it is that which you vape, puff or inhale.


The liquid mixture contained in the puff bar is is made up of 5% nicotine, along with flavouring and other legitimate chemicals that make the vaping process possible.


Being small, a puff bar is basically the same size of a USB stick or a thumb drive. Comprised of medical-grade cotton, it is designed with a tank that stores e-liquid and a pre-charged battery.


A puff bar is essentially a pre-made smoking system. You don’t need to refill or recharge it. When the e-juice has gone dry or the battery dies, you just dispose of it.



What Are The Ingredients Found In Puff Bars?

They are mainly basic, as formulated in most e-cigs and vape devices. The four major ingredients incorporated in e-liquids are:




Vegetable glycerin

Propylene glycol


The latter two, VG and PG are chemicals that are necessary for producing vapour. Although the VG may sometimes be sweet, these elements usually don’t have any flavour.


Hazardous chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide that are typically found in traditional cigarettes are not contained in puff bar e-liquids. The predominant idea behind vaping devices is that it gives you the satisfying nicotine hit, but cutting out on harmful smoking chemicals.


How To Use and Smoke A Puff Bar

When you inhale a puff bar, you have to enjoy its full benefits. That’s what makes vaping worth it. There is a big difference between smoking a traditional cigarette and vaping, and you have to steer clear of using one like the other.


For starters, you don’t take quick and short drags with a puff bar, or else your experience will become distasteful, with e-liquid leaking in your mouth. Avoid chain vaping too, but instead take only 3 to 7 puffs to prevent your puff bar from overheating. Give it time to cool.


Where can i buy a puff bar?


VEEX online shop: www.veexshop.com. you can buy your puff bars here, Easy to use and efficiently satisfying your nicotine cravings!


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