RELX vs VEEX, Who is the best pod vape?

To see which is superior, we evaluate RELX and VEEX on cost, flavorings, pods, vaping puffs, battery capacity, product quality, user ratings, and charges. We realized VEEX is as effective as RELX based on real-world observation and thorough investigation.

The designs we will correlate in this essay are the best-selling designs from each brand, the RELX STARTER KIT, along with the VEEX STARTER KIT with pods.

VEEX V2 vape device

RELX vs. VEEX in terms of price

• VEEX: $32
• RELX: $39.99

As a result, the RELX starter kit is much more costly than VEEX, with a price difference of 1/5. They make both items in China; however, VEEX is $6 less than RELX. Wholesalers may gain VEEX big orders for as little as 20 USD per kit. Also, VEEX's dealership culture is much more welcoming to recruits.

RELX vs. VEEX: Flavors

RELX (12 flavors) and VEEX (12 flavors)

Since the e-liquid components in VEEX are unique, the flavor is more predominant and coherent. For almost 3 packs of pods, there were no leakages discovered before or during the entire vaping session.

You could use a RELX pod together with a VEEX device, and vice versa since they are a good match for each other.

RELX vs. VEEX: Pods

• VEEX: $13.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod, 5% /3 percent nicotine
• RELX: $16.99/1 pack (3 pods), 2mL/pod, 5% /3% nicotine

VEEX pods are less expensive, with large orders of over 5,000 packs costing as little as $6 USD. It is possible that it does not market its product online, saving the promo price. And, because the VEEX pod is clear, vapers can see the quantity of e-liquid left at all times and from any viewpoint.

RELX versus VEEX: Puffs

• VEEX: 640 puffs
• RELX: 650 puffs

VEEX and RELX both have a 2ml pod volume. But, because VEEX creates more vapor over RELX, the puff counts maybe a little lower than RELX.

RELX vs. VEEX: Battery Capacity

• VEEX: 380mAh
• RELX: 350mAh

Because VEEX pods have a bigger capacity than RELX, a bigger battery is required to provide a prolonged vaping period. As per the specifications, VEEX has a somewhat better battery life than REEX.

RELX vs. VEEX in terms of product quality

RELX has major e-liquid leaks in certain pods, and we confirm VEEX to have a few device issues as well. These products are totally novel. As a result, some flaws are unavoidable.

VEEX vs. RELX: User Reviews

• VEEX: None, resulting in a brand with a modest profile.
• RELX: Positive as per individual user engagement, its tobacco taste and product experience are both excellent.

RELX vs. VEEX: Charge Ease

RELX: Charge your Android phone with a standard USB cord. You may find this connection in almost any place. Besides, its charging time is more than VEEX, at 45-60 minutes for one fully charged battery.

VEEX: When charging, use a standard Type C connection. You may find this cable in almost any place. And, its charging time is lower than that of RELX, at 10-15 minutes for a fully charged battery.

Take it with you

Ultimately, this post may assist you in deciding between two brands that both appear to be outstanding. Check out our website anytime for high-quality RELX and VEEX vaping devices at an attractive cost.


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