Reasons Vaping Beats Smoking

We can state thousands of reasons why vaping is better than smoking. Well, not thousands. But, let's just say that there are numerous reasons you should replace smoking with vaping. Yet, many people still don't know what they are.

Luckily, we at TAKI, an extension of the revolutionary brand VEEXTECH, will explain why vaping is better. We have your best interests at heart, so we want to help you avoid the dangers of smoking tobacco. Here are our top reasons for choosing vaping over smoking.

VEEX vape pod

Vaping is Safer

How many ads have you seen warning people against tobacco smoking? You probably come across one almost every week. And there are legitimate reasons for these ads. When used for a long time, tobacco can prove cancerous and cause lung and heart diseases.

But, these are things you never have to worry about with any of our VEEX or WUUZ vapes. Since there is no combustion with vaping, you will not be exposed to the dangers of smoke.

Sure, there have been talks over the safety of vaping. But, these debates are a thing of the past. Experts agree that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. So, today is the day to switch from smoking tobacco to vaping any of our products.

And the good news is that you can slowly reduce your nicotine intake. This is the surest way to beat tobacco addiction.

Vaping is Cheaper

There is no doubt about the rising cost of tobacco. Tobacco companies have become easy targets for governments as they try to discourage their people from smoking. So, these companies have been forced to raise their product prices to compensate for increasing taxes. If you are a heavy smoker, you are most likely feeling the effects of the high prices already.

But, you do not have to anymore. Vapes are significantly cheaper than tobacco. And, you enjoy the same level of high as you would with a cigarette. So, there is no need for tobacco when you can use our TAKI vape products at a lower cost.

Our best-selling VEEX vape, the VEEX V1 vape device, goes for $29.99. And the VEEX V1 Lridescent Pod goes for $16.99. Sure, the initial cost may be high. But, these products will serve you for a long time, which cannot be said for a pack of cigarettes.

Vaping Offers Better Flavor Options

You will never want to get back to smoking once you use one of our products. We offer a wide flavor selection to suit every palate, unlike cigarettes, that only offer tobacco's bland taste. We have the iced lemon flavor for vapers who enjoy a bit of sourness. And strawberry flavor for our WUUZ S12 pod mod for vapers who like sweet flavors.

You'll be met with varying flavor options depending on your chosen vape pod. All you need to do is log on to our website and explore everything our products offer. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Vapes Do Not Smell

Let's be honest. Nobody likes the smell of stale tobacco. Not even the most avid smokers. So, what can you use and not have to deal with a horrible after-smell?

The answer is quite simple; vape. Our TAKI vape products are infused with special ingredients to give them their flavors. When burned, these ingredients release aromas that will leave you smelling great. Switch to any of our vapes and forget about people complaining about the stale smell of tobacco.

Our WUUZ and VEEX Products are Ready for You

Are you ready to make the transition from tobacco to e-liquids? If so, our site has everything you need, from beginner-friendly kits to advanced kits. You name it; we have it.

Shop our amazing and affordable products on our site today!




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