Vape pod storage, do you really know how to store VEEX vape pod?

  1. VEEX pod in direct sunlight, high temperature may lead to oil leakage, oxidation, all will affect the life and taste of the bombs.


  1. VEEX should be placed in a cool place, as high as possible, to avoid children and pets at home to touch, and cigarette sticks should not be charged in a high temperature environment that is uncomfortable for humans.


  1. Refrigerated storage: VEEX POD is not suitable for exposure to the sun, please do not put it under high temperature storage. Can be stored at home in the refrigerator, the taste will have more layers, storage time is also longer Oh.


    4. After opening the vape pods will immediately begin to oxidation, if not so fast use then try not to open, after opening please use as soon as possible Oh.


  1. By airplane, high-speed rail and other means of transport, need to pay attention to its carrying capacity of e-liquid, normal can not carry too much (specific capacity depends on the regulations), brought in when the vape device and vape pod need to be placed separately, especially the airplane is to be sure to remove the vape pod wrapped up, air pressure changes will cause e-liquid leakage.


  1. VEEX’s pods shells occasionally if the use of e-liquid leakage (smoking oil into the mouth when vaping), indicating that the condensate reflux, you only need to wipe the mouth of the pod, e-liquid leakage can be clean.


  1. The vegetable glycerin in Veexhas a certain degree of water absorption and will absorb moisture from the mouth, so it may cause dryness and thirst in the throat when vaping, so just replenish the water normally.



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